Future of Smell
Because we are 7.5 billion noses and counting



Future of Smell helps brands and technologies create meaningful human experiences. Through design-led innovation methods we provide foresight, brand development, sensory storytelling and strategic partnerships for transformation and growth.



We believe that humans who have deeper experiences and are more aware of their senses live happier and healthier lives.  We believe that this is good for society and the world.

We add value and growth to brands by uncovering deep insights to form relevant solutions based on deep human needs.

We do this by reengaging our sense of smell and cutting edge olfactory based technologies in innovative ways through our background in design, fragrance and sensory science.

We know that when brands deliver transformative experiences they add value to lives. 


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About Olivia Jezler


I have worked globally in fragrance innovation in New York, Sao Paulo, and London. My perspective is multifaceted, from inside fragrance houses including IFFSymrise and Robertet, to working brand side on a corporate rebranding of Brazilian Multinational Natura Cosmetics, to academic research in Human Computer Interaction at the SCHI LAB at University of Sussex, U.K. and an undergraduate degree in Design Strategy from Parsons School of Design. I also have collaborated with master perfumer Christophe Laudamiel over the last 10 years on various of his projects and immersive scent installations.

I have developed strategies for numerous brands from fine fragrance to consumer goods and new technology products and believe that the invisible power of smell is yet to be discovered and implemented in ways that change our lives.