Perfumery Science meets Digital Scent Technology

Future of Smell helps brands enhance customer experience through scent & smell-based technologies. We investigate scent, digital scent technology and chemical sensing and how it will impact industries, services and lives.

Insights & Futures

Uncover insights through design-led research and futures thinking.

Scent Development

Develop research-backed fragrances by master perfumers that form lasting impressions.

Experience Design

Augment our senses to create memorable products, services & experiences.


Discover how fragrance and the invisible power of chemical sensing will transform your products and experiences.


Insights & Futures

Through environmental scanning and strategic thinking, we help pave the way towards innovation and a futures ready strategy.


To create the future, we first understand the present. We investigate today’s current context through the lens of human experience, societal trends, the emerging area of digital smell-based technologies and published research. We then provoke new ways of thinking about the future and challenge deeply held assumptions. Through rich storytelling, we then craft future visions and scenarios based on possible realities. These fictions allow for space and discussion and act as catalysts to reenvision our realities – allowing us uncover insights and develop strategies towards a preferred future.


Clients: Dior, Natura & Co, Yankee Candle, Future Lab



NATURA & CO  Strategy Development

NATURA & CO Strategy Development



Sensory Strategy & User Experience Design


Through research and user experience design we help you develop and implement culturally relevant sensory experiences.

When strategies are expanded to include our senses, new impressions of a brand can be forged, and customer relationships strengthened by immersing participants in emotional and memorable experiences. These can be carefully crafted to enhance cognition and wellbeing and the quality of a product, service or environment. Similar to developing fragrances for products we weigh in on the latest in perfumery science to translate sounds, colors, textures, lighting culture and emotions into a fragrance that will augment an experience.

Clients: World Economic Forum, Unilever, Guerrilla Science

GUERRILLA SCIENCE Sensorium  Smell-X Experience

GUERRILLA SCIENCE Sensorium Smell-X Experience

UNILEVER  Multimodal Mixed-Reality Display System

UNILEVER Multimodal Mixed-Reality Display System

WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM  Scented Conference Rooms

WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM Scented Conference Rooms


Olfactive Strategy & Development


Through a deep understanding of scent and its cultural associations, we help you develop olfactive strategies that resonate emotionally and enhance customer satisfaction. 

Smells are all around us, from the drink in your hand to the smell after you clean your home, to your clean laundry, your soap and your favorite snack, all have been carefully designed for a desired emotional response. With a deep knowledge and a new approach to scanning culture and human needs, we work with master perfumers to design fragrances based on science that transcend, challenge product categories and form lasting emotional connections.

Clients: Johnson and Johnson, Nivea, L Brands, L’Oreal, Niche Brands & many more 

SMELLING  to Evaluate Creations

SMELLING to Evaluate Creations